Noel Harbist, MD, MPH - President

Noel practiced primary care pediatrics for many years and completed a Master of Public Health degree in 2013. She founded From Day One to bring attention to Early Relational Health and the positive impact of nurturing relationships in early childhood on long-term health and educational outcomes.

*Ask Noel about her dogs, including her experience with sheep herding lessons with one of the dogs that she rescued*

Nicholas Harbist, MA, MSc - Treasurer

Nicholas works as a quantitative analyst. He brings his background in Finance, Economics, and Mathematics to board discussions about From Day One’s program development and evaluation.

*Ask Nicholas about his volunteer experience training search and rescue dogs*

Andrew Kushner, Esq - Secretary

Andy has been a practicing attorney in South Jersey for over 43 years specializing in estates, trusts, real estate, and business transactions. He believes strongly in the mission of From Day One and is pleased to lend his time, expertise, and support.

*Ask Andy about his most recent role in community theatre*

Teresa Skelly – Board Member

Teresa is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree in addition to her Doctor of Medicine. She plans to continue to advocate for children and families by specializing in pediatrics.

*Ask Teresa for some tips to improve your volleyball skills and technique*